About the REDred Team

  • Neil-Buckland

    Neil Buckland

    Photographer, Chief Instructor, Founder

    Neil Buckland started REDred Photo School & Studio in 2008 after leaving a lucrative corporate career in search of something more fulfilling. Neil is a life-long photographer with a genuine passion for teaching photography. He considers the craft of teaching a truly culminating form of art and continually develops and refines his workshops in true artist form. He deliberately chose not to call the company by his own namesake because he wanted REDred Photo to be about more than just himself. Neil and his team of wonderfully creative individuals have developed more than 25 workshops, classes, and courses in photography, makeup, and styling with more on the way. Neil’s dream is to create a comprehensive school for photographers and stylists that empowers the creative individual to grow from novice hobbyist to creative professional or master artist. If you’d like to know more about Neil’s background, you can read his story here.

  • Nikki-Reign

    Nikki Reign

    Makeup Artist, Instructor, Model Coordinator

    Nikki is our resident makeup artist extraordinaire and makeup instructor. Her makeup artistry is a key element in nearly every creative photo shoot we do at REDred Photo. She’s also our chief model coordinator. Nikki began her makeup career as a full-time artist for a major makeup company and has since started her own freelance company providing makeup services for feature films, professional photographers, theater, and weddings. She currently hangs her brushes at REDred Photo and continues to build her freelance business.

  • osama

    Osama Paradox

    Filmmaker, Instructor

    Osama Paradox has been pursuing the arts since he was a little boy and in that pursuit has made films in the US, Japan, India, Singapore, and Indonesia, working in a variety of capacities from grip to cinematographer, actor to director. Osama creates works of unique experience that are crafted to reflect the highest ideals and aspects of human nature. He is passionate about the art of filmmaking and fostering the requisite skills in others. He feels that film/video is an incredibly powerful medium for communication and he seeks to invest students with the tools and skills to actively communicate their voice. Osama holds an MFA in Film & Television Production from New York University.

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