Advanced Composition goes far beyond the standard rules of composition and focuses more on the how and why of composition. The basic “rules” are only a place to start and truly creative composition is more abstract, less rigid. If you’re ready to move beyond the basics and put some serious thought into controlling the way that your viewers experience your images, this is the right class for you.    

Course Summary 

In this class you’ll learn about human vision and perception and why certain things tend to catch our eye more than others. We’ll review images on a projector to learn why some compositions work and others not so much. You’ll go far beyond the general “rules” of composition and learn when to break those “rules” intentionally. We’ll discuss how framing, context, subject isolation, juxtaposition and other advanced techniques affect the way your images are perceived by your audience.

Advanced Composition includes an interactive discussion style lecture in the studio PLUS a hands on field session. In the classroom session, we’ll discuss ideas and concepts while reviewing images on the projector. The field session will provide hands on opportunities to apply these concepts to real world scenarios.

All classes are highly interactive and kept small (12 or less) to ensure every student gets plenty of time to work directly with the instructor and ask lots of questions.


What’s Covered?

  • When to Break the “Rules” of Composition
  • Human Vision and Perception
  • What is Composition Really About?
  • Framing and Subject Isolation
  • Context and Juxtaposition


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