Arcane Watch Company

After a lot of time and energy, I’m proud to share this video. I’ve been working with Sam, founder of Arcane Watch Co., on this video for about 7 months now. This video represents about 150 hours of time spent planning, filming, and editing. It’s really the first commercially commissioned video project in which I did […]

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Abstract Photography with Pentax K-1

Hey everyone! Just thought I’d share some recent images shot on the new Pentax K-1. I’ve always enjoyed creating abstract art images from ordinary found objects and architecture. These were taken at the Seattle Public Library during one of my photography classes, Photo Field Trips.

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Pentax K-1 Review – Pixel Shift in the Studio

I’ve been making images of timepieces for several years now. I’ve always been surprised by the amount of dirt and imperfection I find inside these amazingly beautiful (and amazingly expensive) watches. Again and again, I found imperfections in these crazy expensive watches that I would have been appalled to see if I were to purchase one. […]

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Testing the Sony a7r

A Sony representative was kind enough to lend me a 36Mp a7r mirrorless camera. With only 24 hours to run it through its paces, I strapped on my Contax Zeiss 35mm f/1.4 and 50mm f/1.4 lenses and took the streets of Seattle for some late night urban landscape testing. Feast your eyes on this:  (right […]

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Cecil Purnell Test Shot

Pernel01 from Neil Buckland on Vimeo.

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Schmitz Park – West Seattle

This is a stitched panorama view of the Admiral overpass in Schmitz Park in West Seattle. Click image to view a much larger version. [izoom] [/izoom] I always think of art as a form of communication. When I create an image, I make decisions throughout the process that contribute to the overall message I wish […]

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Seattle Urban Landscapes by Neil Buckland

Seattle Urban Landscapes – Pier 62

Here’s a new example of my urban landscape project. This is a composite of 32 individual photographs combining stitched panorama and HDR techniques. This image can be viewed on the wall in my studio as a highly detailed, 7 foot wide print. To give you an idea of just how much detail this image contains, […]

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Photography Fundamentals

This 4-part Photography Fundamentals course is designed for beginners seeking a solid foundation in general photography concepts. ISO, Shutter Speed, Aperture, and Metering are the fundamental building blocks of every photograph ever made. This course focuses on understanding how these elements work together to control both the overall brightness and the creative style of your images.

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Redeem Your Voucher

Redeeming your voucher is a painless, 2-step process. You’ll simply create a student login in our class scheduling system and then submit your voucher pdf for approval. Once we verify the voucher, we’ll add your class credits to your account and you’re all set to take your class… it’s that easy! [info] Create an account […]

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Digital Camera DSLR Crash Course

This full-day photography workshop is for those who are brand new to digital photography or DSLR cameras. If you have been taking pictures for a while with a point & shoot camera (or using full auto mode on your DSLR) and are ready to expand on your skills, this Digital Camera DSLR Crash Course is perfect for you.

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