Photography Fundamentals

This 4-part Photography Fundamentals course is designed for beginners seeking a solid foundation in general photography concepts. ISO, Shutter Speed, Aperture, and Metering are the fundamental building blocks of every photograph ever made. This course focuses on understanding how these elements work together to control both the overall brightness and the creative style of your images.

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What do YOU want to know?

What do YOU want to know about photography? [singlepic id=431 w=175 h=175 float=left]Thanks for taking a look at my blog. Here I will periodically share my thoughts on various photographic subjects. I may talk about why I love shooting film and using classic cameras… or I may share my latest personal art project. These essays […]

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Thoughts on the Fuji X100 Interface

Thoughts on the “Retro” Interface of the Fuji X100 [singlepic id=434 w=350 h=400 float=right]There’s a new camera in town that’s been getting a lot of press and stirring up a lot of debate among photographers. Marketers promise the Fuji FinePix X100 will “rekindle your passion for photography” in several ways. Mostly, it tugs at your […]

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