Cecil Purnell Test Shot

Pernel01 from Neil Buckland on Vimeo.

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What do YOU want to know?

What do YOU want to know about photography? [singlepic id=431 w=175 h=175 float=left]Thanks for taking a look at my blog. Here I will periodically share my thoughts on various photographic subjects. I may talk about why I love shooting film and using classic cameras… or I may share my latest personal art project. These essays […]

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Thoughts on the Fuji X100 Interface

Thoughts on the “Retro” Interface of the Fuji X100 [singlepic id=434 w=350 h=400 float=right]There’s a new camera in town that’s been getting a lot of press and stirring up a lot of debate among photographers. Marketers promise the Fuji FinePix X100 will “rekindle your passion for photography” in several ways. Mostly, it tugs at your […]

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