Studio Lighting 5: Speed Lights and the Location Studio

Sometimes you need to set up a speed light studio out on location such as a wedding venue or corporate office. Perhaps you need to shoot outdoors with no power source and blend ambient lighting with your flash for natural looking fill light. Or maybe you need to shoot some real estate photography without lugging the big equipment around. This fifth class in our studio lighting course will help get you there.

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Studio Lighting 4: Dramatic Lighting Techniques

Some photographers will end up using a dozen or more separate lights in completely unorthodox ways to produce the most exciting and dramatic portraits. The fourth class in our complete studio lighting course will get you thinking entirely outside the box of minimalist lighting and building incredibly complex lighting recipes you never thought of.

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Studio Lighting 2: Lighting Ratios and Classic Portraits

Lighting ratios and classic portrait lighting styles such as rembrandt lighting, loop lighting and butterfly lighting are important lighting recipes for every portrait photographer to know. The second session in our studio lighting course aims to lay a foundation of traditional portrait styles before moving into more trendy styles later in the course.

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Studio Lighting 3: Lights, Camera, Headshots!

Nearly every portrait photographer will find themselves needing to shoot some headshots at some point. The third class in our comprehensive studio lighting course focuses on creating highly polished, professional headshot portraits using 3 lights and a reflector.

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Studio Lighting 1: Introduction

Studio lighting can be mysterious and intimidating for new and experienced photographers alike. Each class in our lighting program includes an interactive demo session, access to our exclusive supplemental online content, and an exciting, hands-on lighting lab session, all designed to provide a solid foundation for anyone exploring studio photography.

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