Seattle Photography Classes

Photography workshops and classes to take your photography skills to the next level.

REDred Photo School & Studio in Seattle offers a variety of hands-on for both novice and experienced photographers and film makers.

  • DSLR

    Digital Photography Basics

    Digital Photography Basics at REDred Photo School is a comprehensive, 4-day digital photography course covering everything you need to start taking better pictures right away. Whether you’re starting out with your first digital camera orĀ If you have been taking pictures for a while with a point & shoot camera (or using full auto mode on your DSLR) and are ready to expand on your skills, this Digital Photography Basics course is just the ticket.

  • greenscreenmovie

    Video & Filmmaking Classes

    Maximize your potential and learn the essentials of independent film making from concept to screen in our comprehensive series of film making courses. From basic DSLR video operations to script writing and visual storytelling, we’ve got the classes you’re looking for get you started on this exciting new journey.

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  • Studio Lighting

    Studio Lighting Classes

    Learn studio lighting from total beginner to advanced pro in our comprehensive 10-week hands-on lighting course.

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