Composition Basics

This basic composition class includes a Composition Basics classroom session PLUS one hands-on Composition in the Field session. Learn all about the basic rules of composition, choosing the right lens and perspective for the shot, things to remember before you click the shutter, and techniques for drawing the viewer’s eye to your subject. If you’re ready to get a little more creative with those family vacation photos or turn the family dog into the next Mona Lisa, this class is for you.  

Course Summary 

The Composition Basics classroom presentation covers all the things you need to know to start composing more creative and dramatic images right away. Simple guidelines will have you understanding the rule of thirds, leading lines, balance & symmetry, and other classic compositional techniques. We’ll also share some great tips and tricks to help with finding the best perspective, eliminate distracting elements, and ultimately focus your viewer’s attention on what really matters in your shot.

The hands-on Composition in the Field session is where you’ll put all those new ideas into practice. Choose from any number of field trip locations in and around Seattle. Only one field session is included but you can sign up for a complete course that includes the Composition Basics class and up to 5 Composition in the Field sessions. Each field session includes a set of online notes and articles designed to prepare you for the shots you’ll be creating at that location.

The Composition Basics class is focused on helping you arrange elements within your viewfinder to improve intrigue and impact. This can be achieved with a point & shoot camera or advanced DSLR or even a cell phone cam. If you’re looking to learn about taking better control of you camera’s functions and manual exposure, consider our Digital SLR Crash Course or our Photography Fundamentals Course.

All classes are highly interactive and kept small (12 or less) to ensure every student gets plenty of time to work directly with the instructor and ask lots of questions.


What’s Covered?

  • Basic Rules of Composition
  • Rule of Thirds
  • Balance & Symmetry
  • Choosing the Best Lens for the Shot
  • Wide Angles vs Telephoto
  • Ideal Lenses for Portraits or Landscapes
  • Drawing Attention to Your Subject
  • Choosing the Best Perspective on Location
  • What to Do First?
  • Cropping in the Camera
  • Before You Click the Shutter

2-Part Course, 5 Hours Total

See dates for this class in our registration system.Buy Now $129 1 class session and 1 field session
Buy Now $199 (Buddy Pass for 2)
Buy Now $329 1 class session and 5 field sessions

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  • What You'll Need:
  • Prerequisites:
  • Follow Up With:

  • - Any digital camera with a removable lens
    - OR advanced point & shoot with manual controls
    - Camera instruction manual
    - Fully charged camera battery
    - Memory card
    - Any lenses or accessories you already have
    - Comfortable walking shoes
    - Appropriate weather gear
  • No prerequisites are required but a working knowledge of your camera is highly recommended. Consider taking Photography Fundamentals or Digital Camera DSLR Crash Course first.

  • The Art of Photography 

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