Photography is equal parts science and creativity. My PHOTO FUNDAMENTALS course covers the technical building blocks of picture making and controlling image brightness. CREATIVE ESSENTIALS builds on that foundation and digs into the creative side of photography. This 4-part course will explore your camera’s options for color, black & white, contrast, etc. You’ll learn all about the elements of light and how to control the creative rendering of subjects. Finally, you’ll learn to create powerful images with a philosophical, yet practical, approach to photographic composition.

  1. Get it Right IN-Camera: Color Profiles, Creative Styles, & More
  2. Understanding Light: Color, Texture, & Rendering
  3. Thoughtful Composition: Theory & Practice
  4. Advanced Camera Functions
  • DSLR or Compact Digital Camera with Manual Control
  • Interchangeable Lenses Highly Recommended
  • Tripod

If you don’t already have this gear and plan to purchase new equipment, please consider registering for the Camera Essentials: Before You Buy class.

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