Digital Camera Crash Course

Do you have a new camera that’s burning a hole in its bag? Or maybe you’ve had it for a while but never took it out of Auto… REDred Photo’s Digital Camera Crash Course will take you from 0 to 60 in just 4 hours!

Next Class June 25h 10am to 2pm

Classes Fill Up Quickly!

We’ll start with getting to know your camera and all its buttons and dials. By the end of class you’ll know all about the exposure modes, auto focus system, getting the colors just right, and how to handle common photography scenarios. You’ll even get some tips on composition.

All questions are welcome, including “What happens when I press this button?” and “How do I turn this thing on?” or even more technical questions about memory cards, lens choices, and recommended equipment. Your instructor, Neil Buckland, can answer all your questions without all the mumbo jumbo!

4 Hours
10AM – 2PM


12 Students

Per Person

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