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Family & Group Portrait Essentials

If you’ve ever been asked to photograph at your family reunion or a team meeting at work, this workshop is for you. We’ll go over all the aspects of photographing small, medium, and large groups of people from simple lighting to posing and arranging individuals. We’ll talk about differences between family portraits and business group portraits. We’ll even talk about what to wear and some tips and tricks to making people comfortable.

We’ll shoot tethered to a large computer screen for instant feedback. We’ll start off with some theory and demonstration, then each photographer will have a chance to shoot and “direct” applying theory introduced earlier.

Topics covered will include:

- Basic Lighting for Group & Family Portraits
– What to Wear
– Arranging & Posing Individuals
– Family Portraits vs Business Group Portraits
– Making Your Subjects Comfortable
– The Importance of Taking Charge

This class assumes you have working knowledge of your camera and lighting gear. The principles of studio lighting and metering are covered in the Intro to Studio Lighting workshop.

1 session, 3 to 4 hours
Beginner / Intermediate Skill Level
$159 for 1 session

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