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Welcome to REDred Photo School & Studio. This unique photography school is a dream come true for anyone interested in learning photography outside the traditional university system. As the headline suggests, you will truly LEARN PHOTOGRAPHY HERE. In terms of practical photography skills and understanding, you can learn MORE, FASTER, and CHEAPER at REDred Photo than any college or university on the planet. Bold claims, I know! But the reviews say it all.

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Most of my students are busy juggling work and family. That’s why all my classes are offered as private lessons. Schedule your lessons whenever you have time. Learn at your own pace. If you’d like to join a group and get a more hands on experience, I also offer some local field classes, weekend travel workshops, and week-long full-immersion national park workshops.

My ESSENTIALS series covers core skills and concepts that are truly essential for any photographer. Many “experienced” photographers can benefit from getting back to basics and filling in the gaps. The INTERMEDIATE courses dig into more specialized techniques for the “serious amateur.” My ADVANCED courses are geared toward the aspiring professional ready to turn their passion into an income.

These buttons will allow you to purchase GIFT CERTIFICATES and specially discounted PACKAGE DEALS. Once purchased, you’ll be able to register for classes using the coupon code or email address associated with the purchase.

Private Classes
All the classes in this series are offered as private classes which meet at REDred Photo’s downtown studio location. Unless otherwise noted, all private classes are scheduled for 2 hours in the studio. These classroom-style sessions include hands-on exercises and homework assignments.

Private Classes in the Field
Private classes can be upgraded to 3 or 4 hour private classes in the field for an additional fee. When booking your class online, you’ll have the option to “add on” the field location upgrade. You can choose a predefined field location for your class or specify a different location by providing an address. Add-ons are not covered by prepaid courses or packages and will require additional payment upon checkout.

Scheduled Group Classes in the Field
Some of the classes in this series are offered as group classes for up to 8 students at once. These classes are typically scheduled on weekends approximately 6 times per year. Class time is extended to 4 hours to include extensive hands-on practice and assignments on location. Unless noted otherwise, field classes will meet on location somewhere in Seattle. Location information will be detailed in the registration window for that class.

Charter Group Classes
These are special classes scheduled for private groups of 4 or more people. These can be booked for the studio or field location. Special rates and/or additional fees may apply. Please contact REDred Photo if you would like to charter a special group class.

Nearly all classes in the Essentials series are $195 per session when purchased individually. That goes for group classes in the field and private classes in the studio. This also a great way to see if you like our classes. Let us know within 14 days after your first class and we’ll upgrade you to a package deal. You’ll just pay the difference.

Courses & Packages
You can save hundreds of dollars off the pay-as-you-go pricing when you purchase a course package. These discounts are shown on the “BUY” buttons next to class descriptions. When you purchase a course or package, you’ll receive a “coupon code” which can be used to “pay” for single sessions.

Private in-studio classes can be extended for $50 per each additional hour. Private in-studio classes can be upgraded to a 3-hour private field class for $100 per session. Additional time can be added at $50/hr. A 4-hour minimum session time is mandatory if the chosen location is more than 30 minutes drive from the REDred Photo studio. Session add-ons and upgrades are not covered by prepaid courses or packages. All upgrades will require additional payment at checkout.

Refunds & Exchanges
You may request a refund to your credit card within 14 days of the original purchase. Refunds are made to the card used for the original purchase. We cannot issue cash or check refunds. We can only offer refunds for unattended classes or unbooked services. If you purchased a discounted class package, you will be refunded for the original purchase price minus the merchant processing fee of 3% and the non-discounted price of any classes or sessions you have already attended. Refunds are not possible for “no-shows” or cancellations with less than 72-hours notice prior to your class or appointment date. After 14 days, we are happy to exchange your unused credits for other classes or services of equal value.

Class offerings and pricing may change from year to year. As such, unused packages and courses will expire after 1 year from purchase. Expired class credit will can be renewed at 50% of the original purchase price and then applied to current classes or services.


My name is Neil H Buckland. I’ve been learning photography for over 26 years and teaching photography for over 10 years. I aim to defy that old cliche: “Those who can’t do, teach.” I’m not just a photographer who also teaches. I’m really a TEACHER who happens to love photography. I have found my greatest joy and fulfillment in helping aspiring photographers develop skills and cultivate vision.

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