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Metering 101

Metering 101 covers all aspects of light metering for photography. In this single session photography class, I’ll show you how your in-camera meter thinks and how you can out-smart it. You’ll learn all about the different types of hand-held meters and in-camera metering techniques and what works best in different situations. You’ll no longer have to guess or look at your LCD screen. Master your exposures by learning to measure the light and shoot with total confidence.

This class is a great follow up to our Introduction to Digital Photography or Photography Fundamentals classes.

Specific topics covered include:

- The Elements of Exposure
- The Oxymoron of “Intelligent Auto Metering”
- In-camera Meters vs Handheld Meters
- Reflective Metering
- Incident / Ambient Metering
- Spot Metering
- Average Metering
- Matrix Metering
- Flash Metering
- Metering with the Zone System
- Using a Grey Card
- Aperture Priority Exposure
- Shutter Priority Exposure
- Exposure Compensation
- Bracketing
- Metering for Slides vs Metering for Negatives

We’ll meet in the studio and go over some basic theory. Then we’ll take a walk around Pioneer Square to practice metering under various conditions. Bring your cameras… Bring your meters… Bring your thinking caps!

1 session, 4 to 5 hours
Intermediate Skill Level
$159 for 1 session

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