National Park Photography Workshops

REDred Photo is excited to offer National Park Photo Workshops! We’re headed to some of the most beautiful places in North America for Full-Immersion, hands-ON learning. Master photographer & educator, Neil Buckland, will be available almost 32 hours a day to answer every photography question you never knew to ask! Even the drive time is learning time in our multi-media Mobile Van-Classroom. Whenever we stop, you’ll hop out for some “DO-IT-NOW” practice. Then you’ll hop back in for some “How’d I do?” critique. After that, more hopping!

Full Week
Photo Adventure

Intensive Curriculum
All Skill Levels

Novice to Advanced

Maximum of
4 Students

Full Immersion Program

Flexible Pricing
Options from


  • Full Immersion Hands-On Learning
  • Organized Curriculum & Lessons
  • Lots of 1-ON-1 Coaching
  • Unique High-Tech Classroom-in-a-Van
  • Apple Macbook Provided for Editing
  • 24/7 Access to Master Photo Teacher
  • Epic Landscapes of National Parks
  • Raised Cot / Tent Camping
  • Gourmet-ish Healthy Camp Meals
  • Worry-Free, Comfy Transportation
  • Pre-Trip Planning Sessions


  • Master Your Core Photography Skills
  • Learn Your Camera Inside Out
  • Exposure Blending & HDR
  • Focus Stacking for Landscape & Macro
  • Panorama Stitching
  • Night Sky & Moonlight Landscapes
  • Scenic Portraiture
  • Creative Vision & Composition
  • Lightroom Workflow & Processing
  • Intro to Photoshop & Advanced Editing

6 Extra Special Reasons Why We're So Special


You’ll learn more on a REDred Photo Excursion with at Least 10 Hours of intensive, focused instruction each day. If you’re not sleeping or eating, you’re learning or doing photography. That’s full immersion.


We have the smallest class size in the business with only 6 students in our Full Immersion program. The only thing better is private lessons. Most other workshops have up to 10 or 20 students!


Our high-tech van-classroom isn’t just an awesome ride… it’s also packed with technology that enables you to review and edit images in the field… literally… only minutes after shooting.


You’ll spend at least 4 hours every day working in Lightroom and/or Photoshop on your own images. Even if you’ve never used this software before, you’ll be a pro by the end of the week.


We have focused lesson plans, presentations, assignments, challenges, critiques, our custom field guide and more… all created specifically to help you unlock your full photographic potential.


Don’t have a computer to bring? Don’t worry… use one of ours! Who else is going to loan you a computer for the week?

Yellowstone | Grand Teton Fall Colors

9/16/17 - 9/23/17

Skip the crowds and experience the wonders of Yellowstone’s ever-changing geology!  If we have clear skies, we’ll photograph the Milky Way galaxy during the new moon on 9/19.

Yellowstone National Park Photo Workshop

Glacier National Park

9/24/17 - 9/30/17

Adventure with us in Glacier National Park!  We’ll photograph towering rocky mountains, glacier lakes, streams, starry night skies, and more…

Glacier Photo Workshop
Banff Photo Workshop

BANFF National Park

Planned for 2018

Photograph the majestic mountain scenery of the Canadian Rocky Mountains in Banff, Alberta.  We’ll visit the classics like Lake Louise, the Valley of Ten Peaks, and more…

Arches Photo Excursion Workshop

Arches | Canyonlands Utah

Planned for 2018

Join us for adventure into the Headwater Canyons of the Colorado River plateau!  The new moon will make for the darkest night possible and an opportunity to photograph the Milky Way galaxy over ancient sandstone arches.

Zion National Park Photo Excursion Workshop

Fall Colors at Zion National Park

Planned for 2018

Discover the stunning 2,500’ deep canyon on the Colorado Plateau in Zion National Park! Slot canyons, vibrant fall colors, rivers, waterfalls, towering sandstone walls, and more…

Yosemite Fall Colors Photo Workshop

Yosemite National Park

Planned for 2018

Experience Yosemite’s classic views, reflections, waterfalls, and more. Photograph a full moon rising behind Half Dome, and Yosemite’s granite monoliths illuminated by moonlight.

Full Immersion

$1,795per person
  • Book 2 Trips for Only $2995
  • Pre-Trip Planning Session
  • REDred Photo Field Guide & Workbook
  • One-on-One Coaching in the Field
  • Organized Curriculum & Assignments
  • Daily Review & Critique Sessions
  • Hands-On Post Processing Lessons
  • Loaner Computer Available for Editing
  • Ride Everywhere in Our Van Classroom
  • Breakfast & Lunch Included Most Days
  • Local Airport Pickup & Drop Off

Full Immersion Buddy Pass

  • Bring a friend and save big time!
  • Pre-Trip Planning Session
  • REDred Photo Field Guide & Workbook
  • One-on-One Coaching in the Field
  • Organized Curriculum & Assignments
  • Daily Review & Critique Sessions
  • Hands-On Post Processing Lessons
  • Loaner Computer Available for Editing
  • Ride Everywhere in Our Van Classroom
  • Breakfast & Lunch Included Most Days
  • Local Airport Pickup & Drop Off


$295per day
  • Book 5 Days for Only $995
  • -
  • -
  • One-on-One Coaching in the Field
  • -
  • Photo Critique Sessions
  • -
  • -
  • Meet Us in the Park
  • Trail Snacks Included
  • -

Think of it as Photography Boot Camp! We’re shooting for total transformation from novice to expert in just one week! Each day of your national park adventure will be packed with lessons and assignments covering all the photographic bases: Exposure, Metering, Depth of Field, Shutter SpeedComposition, Lightroom, Panorama Stitching, Exposure Stacking, Night Photography, Using Filters, and so much more.

You’ll also get lots of one-on-one coaching on location from a world class photography teacher. After each shooting session, we’ll review images in our multi-media van-classroom for immediate feedback and improvement. You’ll even learn all the ins and outs of using Lightroom to organize and edit your amazing images. By the time you get home, you’ll have a whole collection of fully-edited, ready to print images and you’ll feel totally confident using the industry standard post processing software.

For our BANFF national park workshop, we will plan to pick up and drop off our guests at the Calgary International Airport (YYC).

Arrive at YYC September 2, 2017 by 2:00pm
Depart from YYC September 8 after 3:00pm

If you can’t find a flight within the ideal arrival/departure date or time, please contact us and we’ll discuss how to address this so you can participate in this amazing full immersion workshop.

Each day will be a little different depending on our chosen location, driving distance, weather, etc. That said, we’ll aim to follow a schedule as follows for most days. This plan will be altered as needed to accommodate special circumstances such as late night star/moonlight photo sessions.

05:00 – 05:30   Morning Coffee & Tea en route to photo location
06:00 – 08:00   Sunrise Photography Lesson
08:00 – 08:30   Breakfast on location
08:30 – 12:30   Image Review & Post Processing Lesson
12:30 – 13:30   Lunch on Location
13:30 – 17:30   Personal Free Time (nap, hike, sight seeing, etc)
17:30 – 18:30   Dinner on Location
18:30 – 20:30   Sunset Photography & Image Review/Critique

We will plan to drive to most of our photographic destinations. That said, participants should be able to hike 3 miles in a day. This is not a deal-breaker. Talk to us if you’re concerned.

Safety is our highest priority!

Neil Buckland, your photography instructor, will be focused on teaching and helping you create amazing images.

Brian Sperry, our park guide, is a seasoned mountain climber and backcountry traveler with Wilderness First Responder and CPR training and certifications.

Our Full Immersion program includes some meals (when inside the park), local transportation, and permits/fees. You’ll need only your camera gear, clothes, and personal items.  We’ll provide a checklist well in advance of the trip so you can make sure you have what you need.

Our Tag-a-Long guests will need to provide for their own accommodations and meals, permits/fees, and transportation to and from park destinations.

We will work on post processing and photo editing every day of the trip. It is best if you can bring your own laptop computer with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop already installed and fully operational. Ideally, you should have a 12v car power adapter for your computer for the most efficient integration with our van-classroom power system.

If you don’t have a laptop computer (or you just don’t want to bring it), we will have a limited number of Apple computers available for students. Availability is first-come-first-served. Please check with us before the trip to make sure we have a computer for you.

While we are in the park, we’ll provide healthy snacks and simple meals made with fresh ingredients. Our breakfast menu includes dishes like yogurt parfait (greek yogurt drizzled with honey, granola, and fresh fruit) or scrambled eggs and pancakes. We’ll also have coffee and tea of course! For lunch we typically serve sandwiches/wraps or charcuterie & cheeses with crackers and fruit.  Most evenings, we’ll return to the hotel for dinner.

With advanced notice, we are happy to accommodate most special dietary needs. Just talk to us and we’ll make sure you don’t go hungry!

We’ll do our best to reserve a block of rooms at a reasonably priced hotel close to the park entrance. Room rates will vary depending on the park destination, season, and proximity to park entrances. You should assume double occupancy unless otherwise noted. If you would prefer a private room or alternate accommodations, please contact us as soon as possible.

When you register, you’ll be required to pay a $500 deposit to hold your spot on the trip. The full balance is due 30 days before the trip. If you need more time to pay the balance, please contact us and make arrangements, otherwise, your spot will go to someone on the waiting list and you may lose your deposit. If you cancel less than 60 days before the trip, you will not receive a refund unless we can fill your spot.

In the unlikely event that REDred Photo is forced to cancel a trip (due to natural disaster, equipment failure, not enough students, or other emergency) we will do our best to fully refund all payments in a timely manner. We are not able to cover your travel expenses or other cancellation fees you may incur.

REDred Photo carries comprehensive liability and property insurance to cover standard incidents involving our equipment or staff. Our insurance does not cover you, your equipment, or any travel expenses in the event of theft, accidental injury, or unexpected trip cancellation. We suggest that you consider purchasing additional travel insurance to give you piece of mind on your photography adventure. We can direct you to an independent adventure/travel insurance company. Contact us for details.

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