Modern digital photography involves much more than just the camera and lighting equipment. To get the most out of your digital camera and your photography, you need to know all about editing your images in the digital darkroom with Photoshop. This course is created by a photographer for photographers and covers all the core functions that relate to digital photo editing.

Course Summary

This 6-part basic Photoshop class is focused on learning the core concepts that make this program such a powerful tool for photographers. The primary goal of this course is to familiarize you with how Photoshop thinks, where it fits in your workflow, strategies for using it efficiently, and essential tools that photographers use on a regular basis. Special attention is given to core concepts such as layers, adjustment layers, non-destructive editing, layer masks, workflow, and more.

This course includes 4 classroom presentation sessions and 2 additional Photoshop Lab sessions. In the classroom sessions, core concepts and essential information is presented on the projection screen while students follow along on their personal computers. In the Photoshop Lab sessions, students come into the studio with their computers and work on personal Photoshop projects while the instructor provides individual assistance.

Additional Photoshop Lab sessions are available for $19. Photoshop Skills classes are special skill building classes focused on a particular project or task such as assembling a postcard or flyer, retouching portraits, or enhancing landscape images.

Our Unlimited Post Processing Membership includes all the Photoshop EssentialsPhotoshop Skills, Photoshop Labs AND Lightroom Essentials bundled together for a significant savings.


This introduction to our Photoshop Essentials course focuses on understanding the core concepts that Photoshop is built upon and getting to know the general layout and user interface of this powerful program. The main goal of this session is to alleviate the intimidation many beginners feel and keep you from running away screaming when you first open the program.

  • Who uses Photoshop? Do I really need it?
  • Photoshop vs Lightroom
  • Which version is right for me?
  • Get to know the Photoshop interface
  • Get acquainted with the tools and menus photographers use all the time
  • Create a custom palette arrangement
  • Working with a mouse vs a pen tablet
  • Common keyboard shortcuts for general photoshop use

Cropping, Resizing, File Formats, and Save for Web

This session in our Photoshop Essentials series covers some of the most important functions every digital photographer will need to use. Learn all the ins and outs of cropping and resizing images for various output destinations like printing, email, or internet portfolio. Get to know the differences between the various file formats like jpg, 8-bit or 16-bit TIFF, png, gif and more. Learn how Photoshop’s powerful Save for Web feature can save you time and ensure optimal web performance for your images.

  • RAW files vs JPG files vs TIFF files
  • RGB vs CMYK color spaces
  • Source files, master edit files, and output files
  • Print files vs web files
  • Image size and canvas size
  • The Crop tool
  • The Save for Web dialog

Understanding Layers and Layer Groups

The real power of Photoshop is revealed when you peel back the mystery of layers and layer groups. This session explains all the details and gets you started bringing multiple images together to change backgrounds, add fun elements, or open that one pair of closed eyes in your family portrait.

  • The layers palette
  • Add, delete, duplicate, or hide layers
  • Organizing your layers
  • Working with the Move tool
  • Working with the Brush and the Eraser
  • Resize and reshape layers
  • Opacity and blending modes

Color Correction and Adjustment Layers

Perhaps the most common use for Photoshop in digital photography is color correction and exposure adjustment. In this session, learn all about Levels and Curves, Color Balance and Hue+Saturation adjustments and black and white conversion filters. Combine and stack numerous adjustments with Adjustment Layers and Layer Masks for truly powerful color and exposure control.

  • Basic exposure adjustments
  • Levels and Curves
  • Hue & Saturation
  • Color Balance
  • Black & White conversion
  • Layer adjustments vs Adjustment Layers
  • Using layer masks to adjust part of a layer



  • What You'll Need:
  • Prerequisites:
  • Follow Up With:

  • - Notebook computer
    – External mouse and mouse pad *
    * Wacom Pen Tablet highly recommended over standard mouse
    – Recent edition of Photoshop (Elements, CS4, CS5, CS6)
    – RAW and JPG camera files to work with

  • This is a beginner level course. No prerequisites are required if taking all sessions in order. Required experience level for taking individual sessions out of series will vary.
  • Photoshop Skills
    Photoshop Lab
    Lightroom Essentials
    The Art of Photography 
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