Modern digital photography involves much more than just the camera and lighting equipment. To get the most out of your digital camera and your photography, you need to know all about editing in the digital darkroom. This course is created by a photographer for photographers and covers all the essentials of digital photo editing.

Course Summary

This 12-part Post Processing course is focused on the core concepts of digital post processing and the essential software photographers use most: Photoshop and Lightroom. The primary goal of this course is to familiarize you with how Photoshop thinks, how it fits in your workflow, strategies for using it efficiently, and essential tools that photographers use on a regular basis. Special attention is given to core concepts such as layers, adjustment layers, non-destructive editing, layer masks, workflow, integration with other photo editing programs, and more.

This course includes 8 classroom presentation sessions and 4 additional Photoshop Lab sessions. In the classroom sessions, core concepts and essential information is presented on the projection screen while students follow along on their personal computers. In the Photoshop Lab sessions, students come into the studio with their computers and work on personal Photoshop projects while the instructor provides individual assistance.

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