[news]This photoshop class is basically a hands on photoshop lesson. If you’re working your way through our Photoshop Essentials or Photoshop Skills classes, this is your opportunity to apply those new skills and concepts to your own personal projects. With the expert guidance of our Photoshop instructor, you’ll power through those daunting photoshop tasks in no time.[/news]
Course Summary

Photoshop Lab sessions are essentially open lab hours set aside for students to come into the studio with their computers and work on personal Photoshop projects. The instructor will float around providing individual assistance as needed. This session is all about helping you work through your projects at your own pace.

Photoshop Lab sessions are intended to enhance the Photoshop Essentials and Photoshop Skills classes. Please note that this session will not include any specific presentations.  If you have been using Photoshop for some time and just need a little guidance, this session may also work for you.

[info]Photoshop Skills classes are special skill building classes focused on a particular project or task such as assembling a postcard or flyer, retouching portraits, or enhancing landscape images. Our Unlimited Post Processing Membership includes all the Photoshop EssentialsPhotoshop SkillsPhotoshop Labs, AND Lightroom Essentials bundled together for a significant savings.[/info]


[news]Open Photoshop Lab, 2 to 3 hoursSee dates for this class in our registration system.
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($19 for our current students)

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[tabbed tabs=”What You’ll Need: | Prerequisites: | Follow Up With: “]
[tab]- Notebook computer
– External mouse and mouse pad *
* Wacom Pen Tablet highly recommended over standard mouse
– Recent edition of Photoshop (Elements, CS4, CS5, CS6)
– RAW and JPG camera files to work with

[/tab] [tab]Photoshop Essentials
Photoshop Skills
or equivalent experience
[/tab] [tab]The Complete Photoshop for Photographers
Lightroom Essentials

The Art of Photography [/tab]


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