REDred Photo offers exceptionally high quality commercial photography services.

We specialize in luxury products, food and beverage, and apparel. Typically, large companies hire a creative agency that combines a team of specialists (photographer, graphic designer, branding specialist) under one roof. Agency service is expensive.

Small business owners are usually on a limited budget so they typically hire independent contractors to work on different parts of the project. All those different people working on your project may have different ideas. This leaves a lot of room for miscommunication, unmet expectations, and a failed vision.

Neil Buckland, owner and chief photographer of REDred Photo, has worked for Fortune 500 companies as a graphic designer, branding consultant, and photographer. This combination of experience allows him work on every part of your project without losing sight of the big picture.

REDred Photo focuses on small business needs, providing big business impact with unified clarity of vision on a small business budget.

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