Sometimes you need to set up a speed light studio out on location such as a wedding venue or corporate office. Perhaps you need to shoot outdoors with no power source and blend ambient lighting with your flash for natural looking fill light. Or maybe you need to shoot some real estate photography without lugging the big equipment around.

The fifth class in our lighting program is all about scaling down the big studio and taking it outside or on location without sacrificing the big studio results. We’ll work with manual speed lights and umbrellas to recreate some of the most useful big studio lighting styles for professional head shots out on location. We’ll also work on combining speed lights with existing light both indoors and outdoors for both natural and dramatic effects.

The lab session provides a live shooting environment for students to practice what they’ve learned so far. Students will be presented with a number of example images and asked to determine what lights and modifiers were used. Students will then work together to recreate similar images with live models while the instructor provides guidance.

What’s Included?


  • Detailed interactive demo class full of technical information and lighting theory
  • Hands-on lab session with live models and group collaboration
  • Pack a complete multi-light studio into a gym bag for convenient location studio work
  • Working with battery powered flashes and umbrellas to create big studio results
  • Seamless blending of natural light and speed light flash for natural results
  • Working with multiple Auto TTL speed lights for hassle free automatic lighting ratios
  • Taking manual control for consistently precise results when needed


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