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Studio Lighting Classes in Seattle

Studio lighting can be intimidating for both beginners and professionals alike. REDred Photo Studio Lighting classes and lessons are for everyone who has an interest in crafting images using artificial light. Regardless of the subject matter, from head shots to jewelry, from fashion to video, the fundamental concepts of controlling and shaping light apply almost universally.

Studio Lighting Fundamentals

Fall Session November 28th

Tues + Fri
Three Weeks

2.5 Hours
7:00PM – 9:30PM

8 Students

Per Person

This 6-part Introduction to Studio Lighting is designed to lay a solid foundation for your future in studio photography. All our specialized lighting classes are built on the fundamental lighting theory presented here. The class meets Tuesday & Friday evenings for 3 weeks. Tuesdays are lecture/demo sessions and Fridays are hands-on practice sessions. With 15+ hours of class time, you’ll get plenty of practice setting up equipment, measuring and adjusting lights, and photographing live models!

We’ll start with an overview of lighting equipment and how to choose the right tools for the job. We’ll then work with a single light and make step-by-step changes in lighting position, power, and attached modifiers while examining the results on a large computer screen. Special attention is paid to developing a systematic process of pre-visualization and deliberate adjustment. This approach reduces “trial+error” and produces images in the studio that require ZERO post processing.

This week focuses on minimalist portrait lighting recipes such as rembrandt, broad, short, loop, and butterfly lighting. We’ll work with positioning one light to produce these various lighting styles while making use of reflectors to help control contrast and lighting ratios. We’ll also take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of adding additional lights to the mix.

This week goes beyond minimalist lighting and incorporates multiple lights, reflectors, and modifiers to produce highly polished, professional style head shots.

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