Nearly every portrait photographer will find themselves needing to shoot some headshots at some point. The third class in our comprehensive studio lighting program expands on previous classes by incorporating additional lights, reflectors, and modifiers to produce highly polished, professional headshot style portraits.

The demo session starts by reviewing key concepts from previous classes. We’ll then build upon the single-light techniques already introduced by adding hair lights and background lights. We’ll work with color gels and additional modifiers to create various lighting styles and background effects.

The lab session provides a live shooting environment for students to practice what they’ve learned so far. Students will be presented with a number of example images and asked to determine what lights and modifiers were used. Students will then work together to recreate similar images with live models while the instructor provides guidance.

What’s Included?


  • Detailed interactive demo class full of technical information and lighting theory
  • Hands-on lab session with live models and group collaboration
  • Creating depth and separation with hair lights and background lights
  • Using grids and color gels to create background lighting effects
  • Controlling spill light with grids and flags


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