Deluxe Studio PLUS Expert Lighting Assistant & Private Coaching $125/hr

This is where REDred Photo School & Studio really shines. If you haven’t realized it yet, we teach workshops in photography and studio lighting. This is the perfect option for the aspiring studio photographer. Here you get the best of both worlds: high quality studio rental and top notch private instruction. Just come into the studio with a project in mind and we’ll not only make sure you get it done, we’ll also teach you everything you need to know to do it all on your own the next time. How awesome is that?!

Unassisted Studio Rental with Lighting Equipment $50/hr (*For established rental clients only)

If you’re confident in the studio (and we’re comfortable leaving you alone) this service gives you access to our bright and professional studio at a very reasonable rate. You are welcome to use our backdrops, makeup vanity area, changing room with clothes rack, and our awesome sound system with Tidal Hi-Fi Music service.

Bring your own lighting gear or use ours. We have 8 monolights with assorted modifiers, 4 manual speedlights, wireless triggers, and Sekonic flash meter. We also have LED lighting gear for video projects.

*This option is only available once you’ve rented with us in the past and we’ve established a good working relationship.

Assisted Studio Rental $100/hr (*default for all new rental clients)

Here’s where REDred Photo School & Studio is unique among studio rental facilities. If you’re not used to shooting in a studio or you’ve never used studio lighting before, we can provide expert lighting assistance during your shoot. Just let us know exactly what you’re trying to produce and we’ll make sure all the lighting is set just right and suggest the ideal settings for your camera. We’ll take care of all the technicalities so you can focus on creating spectacular images for your clients.

*Once you’ve rented with us a couple of times and we are confident you can handle the studio without assistance, you will be eligible for Unassisted Studio Rental rates.

Add Makeup Artist Starting at $80 per Look

No photo shoot is complete without a killer makeup artist. We have the best makeup artist in Seattle. In fact, she does the makeup for all our workshops and commercial shoots. She even teaches classes on makeup! You won’t be disappointed!

Tethering Option $25 per session

For the most complete and efficient studio experience, shooting tethered to a large computer screen is invaluable. Bring your own external hard drive and shoot directly connected to our 32″ color-calibrated computer. Make sure the drive is formatted to work with Windows 10.

Two-hour minimum on all studio rentals. Deposit is required to book a reservation. $15 paper fee may apply if backgrounds become soiled during session. 48-hour notice required for cancellation. No refund on same day cancellations.

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