This advanced photography course is part of a series of classes designed to develop your creative vision as a photographer. Visual Poetry focuses on creating images that tell a story or challenge your viewer to think about something.  

The Art of Photographic Vision 

Most artistic photographs generally have at least one of these goals:

  1. Document something for posterity or show others who were not there.
  2. Show something that others have already seen, but in a different way.
  3. Communicate a specific message or idea.
  4. Evoke an emotion in the viewer.

Each of the courses in our Photographic Vision series will focus on one of the 4 topics above. In each course, we’ll discuss the defining characteristics of one of these photographic goals, visual elements that empower some images to achieve that goal, and specific techniques for creating such images. We’ll follow up our classroom sessions with shooting field trips focussed on putting these techniques into practice. Open critique sessions and online peer and instructor review will help students develop insight and gauge progress. After completion, students will have the option to showcase their work to an audience in the First Thursday Artwalk.

What’s in this class?

The ultimate goal in Visual Poetry is to trigger your audience to think or ponder on some subject. We are not necessarily trying to broadcast any kind of clearly identifiable message, although that is an option. The message can also be rather vague and even hidden below conscious thought, triggering a line of thinking without the viewer even noticing. We’ll discus the use of visual icons that have cultural significance or universal meaning. Including these elements can be as powerful as using words in a song. Ideally, the viewer will come away from the image with thoughts floating around in their mind.

What’s Included?

  • 2 Studio Classroom Discussions / Lectures
  • 2 Photo Field Trips
  • Access to Supplemental Online Course Notes
  • Access to Private Student Discussion Forum
  • Access to Private Online Critique Forum
  • Guided Critique Sessions in the Studio Classroom
  • Personalized Equipment Consultation and Recommendations
  • Public Art Show Featuring Your Best Images


  • What You'll Need:
  • Prerequisites:
  • Follow Up With:

  • - Any advanced digital camera with a removable lens
    – 50mm f/1.4 or f/1.8 Prime Lens
    – Dedicated macro prime lens OR macro extension tubes
    – Tripod
    – Flash drive
    – High speed internet access
    – Camera instruction manual
    – Fully charged camera battery
    – Memory card
    – Any lenses or accessories you already have
    – Comfortable walking shoes
    – Appropriate weather gear
  • Digital Camera DSLR Crash Course
    Photography Fundamentals 
    Composition Basics
    Advanced Composition
  • ZEN Photography (coming soon)

    Developing a Portfolio (coming soon)

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